Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thankful for the Mundane

In this world of so much need, I make an effort and a commitment to be thankful for the boring and mundane.

As I sit here this Saturday morning and listen to my husband's droning about cars we are shopping for I wonder, can anything be so mundane as trying to shop for a car? not a car of your dreams, lets get excited, oooh just cant wait shopping, but, something in our budget, what will work for the family, can we pass it onto our college bound teenager in two years, what is it's fuel efficiency kind of shopping.

I do realize, however, that this is something that is a blessing, that this isn't what most of the population of my city, much less the world, can do.

Therefore, I am thankful for this mundane task just as if it were the "car of my dreams".

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