Friday, January 22, 2010

Making Everyday Chores Happy!

Next to mopping and vacuuming, I really don't like ironing. I live in tshirts and jeans so that ironing is not necessary. I steer my children in the same direction when buying clothes so I won't have to pull out the ironing board and iron.

Unfortunately, husband's work doesn't allow wearing tshirts so, once a week, the iron must come out.

I found this shop in Etsy that will make any ironing day brighter. These lovely ironing board covers make me smile and give me a little warm feeling of cozyness, vintagey-times and home making. Maybe, picturing myself in a frilly apron and pearls will help me through the ironing process.

Anyway here are the ironing board covers I love so much from CityChicCountryMouse on Etsy.

She also has lovely aprons, hot pads and other items that will help in the daily doldrom chores.


  1. Love that shop - if you must iron, why not do it in style!

  2. Love the covers!!! I will have to shop with her. Thanks!!!

  3. Love your blog! Found you on that blog thread on the etsy forums. I'm Charlissa of Domestic Icing. Nice to meet you!

  4. ha what a great idea to help making chores more fun! I avoid the iron at all costs! My mom got me one when I moved out 12 years ago and I still have yet to use it, lol!!

  5. I like the paisly one...but sad to say I don't even own an ironing board. I do it so rarely, I just put a couple of towels on a table when I have to.