Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adjusting Orientation

This was my first attempt at working with free form stones.  (I shared it the other day).  I really love this little ring, it is so light and easy to wear.  I call it the naked ring (in my mind).  He he, it reminds me of the dress Carrie (Sex/City) wore on her first date with Mr. Big.  Yep, her naked dress.  Anyway, it doesn't look at all like that, it just reminded me of it...but I digress, and am a little embarrassed that I know that not being a huge fan of that show.  ANYWAY....

I wore this ring once I finished it.  I just thought it was so different and fun.  The more I wore it and studied it (I have to do that will all my new pieces) I realized something.  This stone, though a freeform stone, was actually a tear drop shape! Do you see it?

I had not seen it when I first made it but after looking at it for a while on my finger I saw it..and now it bugged me.  I thought I would just leave it as is, but the little OCD I have just wouldn't let it rest.  So, I re-oriented it. 

Doesn't it look much better?  Now, when setting new freeform stones I am definitely going to be looking for some sort of shape within that form.  Or it'll just bug the heck out of me!

Friday, February 3, 2012


I finally did it.  Solid 14k with sapphire.  I learned a lot, such as gold melts way faster than sterling!