Sunday, October 31, 2010

Having a little treasury fun....

Having a little fun this morning.  Yes, I'll let it go......eventually. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Physics Not Cooperating!

 I had this idea for a necklace using these amazing pieces I bought.    You can see from the connectors I was thinking of a great geometric design..something that would bold and chunky.

It looks exactly how I wanted UNLESS you try to wear it.  Then it goes all wonky.  Gravity doesn't let it sit bunches up, hangs crooked and any other problem you can guess.  I don't want to solder the pieces together in the shape I want them to make because part of the piece was to be the chunky movement..if that makes sense. 

Ah well,  the great thing about making it is that I can un-do it and re-do it until I get it right. 

Happy Thoughts~

A cold front blew in last night and cleaned out the air.  It blew away all the humidity, allergies, but also the cobwebs in my head from yesterday. It's a new day, a refreshing day, and a day to look forward and move on! 

This is the closest I come every year to seeing fall foliage.  It is a (national?) park in the hill country of central Texas.  Amidst all of the mesquite, dry land, low brush is a small grove of maple trees.  They call it "Lost Maples" because somehow, they are there.  Maybe it's God's little way of showing us Texans there are seasons that change, even if we aren't aware of them.  I like that.  Things are changing, constantly growing, in and out of seasons.  That's a comforting thought. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I got an interesting email today from an jewelry designer stating that since my piece resembles hers she is going to file a "notice of copywrite infringement" on me.

While I was polite and honestly stated there was nothing sinister and no copying done, honestly, I am having a little trouble grasping where she is coming from.  She specifically mentioned the "vintage sepia-toned image transfers (bees, butterflies, birds, etc)."  I'm not sure what she is saying I shouldn't use:  bees, butterflies, birds, or ceramic pieces, or buttons?  Which of these does she own?  I didn't design or make the ceramic piece, I just bought it (and some others).  I'm pretty sure the vintage image used isn't copywrited, and, well, I love vintage buttons and have had them in my shop for a while...does she own the rights to those, too?

I think if anyone searched long enough there would not be one design that someone, somewhere hasn't inadvertently duplicated.  I'm not so proud to think that I can come up with an idea that no one has or ever will think of.

I'm honestly troubled by it, but also confused.  Just weird.  I use so many different types of materials in my work and it's so eclectic I bet there isn't any metalsmith out there that couldn't look at my work and say that it resembles theirs in some way.

Ah well, we'll see what happens.  If nothing else, I'll have an amazing necklace to wear.

I just find it all very interesting.

(just to be clear, she wasn't rude, just stating that I copied.. hmmmm) 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Photos

I have this camera that is a pocket camera, Nikon Coolpix.  A great little point and shoot I use and let the kids use for random pictures they want to take or for when I am too lazy to trot myself upstairs to the studio to retrieve my good camera.

I took a picture yesterday I wanted to share with you and, when I went to download, I found lots of other photos on there as well.  Here are some of my favorites.

These were taken by my daughter this summer in Paris after she ran out of room on her camera.  This was our last day and we were visiting Notre Dame.


We think this is the Gypsy ring leader of the group that stole my husband wallet.  He was feeding hundreds of birds and distracting the tourists. 

Gorgeous Front of the Cathedral

Wonderful gelato shop that scooped cones in the shape of flowers!  

See!?!  and it was sooo yummy!
This was also on the camera...

First Football Game, First performance!  How exciting.

And, finally, this is what I was going to share in the first place before I found the better pictures. 

I made a cake on Friday night.  I was gone all day Saturday and when I came home this was all that was in the dishwasher, and the cake was gone.  I guess cake was the food choice of the  day!  Hilarious!  Ah well, sometimes you just need a piece (or two) of chocolate cake.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Head Slap!

This is the template for my new business cards.  I just ordered 100 so I could see if I liked them or not.

Well, do you see the error?  ~sheesh~  I get so bogged down in the design I don't proofread.  Although it's a small thing it's still there. 

*hint, I don't know of any email accounts that don't have an @ in them.  *sigh* 

Friday, October 15, 2010

I want to go Camping!!!

It's no secret I want a camper.  I have said it over and over again.  I LUURRVVV camping.

Some friends of mine are camping this weekend.  They are new campers, with little kids, so they came over to borrow a bunch of our stuff.  Sadly, they asked, since we didn't camp anymore, if we wanted to sell our stuff.  I almost laughed, "no" (with the underlying "duh" tone).  Although we haven't camped in a while I FULLY intend to camp again, someday.

Having three teenage daughters doesn't really lend itself to being outdoors, dirty, with no wifi.  Truthfully, this is the only way we would get them out in the wide open world.

 (I showed this one to my husband to have a good laugh about the opulence of some of the campers...he thought it was so cool!  and even drooled a little....okay, can I have my computer back now?)

But if it were up to me, this is what I would have.

or this...

or this.

These vintage trailers are VERY hard to find in the South just because things that are made of metal and wood don't usually survive outdoors for over 50 years.  I want something small so I can drive it.  So I would love another option.

I did see these.


I think they are too cute!  I don't know if I could drag my remaining at home two teenagers out with me but, y'know?  maybe that's all part of the getting away from it all.   

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New From the Bench

That's all.  Spent most of the morning working on customs but got a little in for my creative side.  I finally got to use the GOR-JUS faceted aqua chalcedony squares.  Just a sweet little necklace in my shop now.

I also made another set of these for a customer and re-took the pictures.  I think it makes all the difference!  They were chosen for a treasury right away!  I almost deleted them from my shop last week because they hadn't sold or gotten much attention.  I'm glad I waited and I think the new pictures will be much better.  I only have stones for two more sets though.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As we speak these are on their way.  I am too excited.

New Rocks are on their way!  I like to call them rocks instead of gems or stones because...well, I want to.

I may offer custom orders from these, I'm not sure, but as they are one of a kinds I like to leave the designs open ended to my customers who may want a necklace instead of a ring, or vice-versa. But, some I already have designs for some that are swirling around in my head.  oooh I can't wait.

I will be watching my mailbox intently this week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Banner Evolution

This is what I have been playing with lately. Things didn't end up well with the person I asked to do a logo for me. We just couldn't come together. So I've been playing around with it myself.

This was my last Etsy shop banner I made.

This is what I have been playing with this week.

This is what I have ended up with today.

I am still tweaking and learning what Picnic can do.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I finally got around to getting these put together. I swear I made the components six weeks ago and just never got to it.

Done! ~yay~

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Masquerade

I was walking across the parking lot and this caught my eye. Isn't it amazing? It was lying there just like this, staring up at me.

Some little wood sprite lost its' masquerade mask....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I mean Seriously!

Should any guy really be this pretty?

My kids are HUGE fans of the show Supernatural and this guy, Jensen Ackles, is one of the actors. Tough yet sensitive guy..funny character. I enjoy the show. but, wow, he is pretty.

(*yes, I have too much time on my hands to work now)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From the Bench Today

I try, I really really try to not make rings. But, the truth is, I love them. I love all kinds, small ones, big ones, gem ones, silver ones. I love wearing them and, truthfully, I LOVE making them.

I know they are more work, and the nice necklaces and earrings that I make I can ship out right away. But, I love rings. There. I said it. No more denial.

That being said...I finished this today. I love how it is a little rustic but still so girly. I love how it is big but has such tiny details. It is really comfortable to wear and, if it doesn't sell soon, it will probably become mine.

Or, truth be told, I'll get in the studio and make another ring that will become my favorite. I just can't help it.