Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I, as many of you, have been touched (if I can use such a mild word) by what has been going on in Haiti. I decided to offer two rings in my shop and have the purchase price of the ring (all of it) go to Compassion International's disaster relief fund.

Yesterday one of the rings was featured on Etsy's Facebook page. I ended up selling 26 rings! That is awesome and I am stoked that it raised over $1000 for such a great need.

Now I will be in my studio for the next for to five days making all these rings, praying I get the right sizes to the right people!

On a side note, when I initially make these listings it never occurred to me that I would sell so many. Once I hit the 25 mark I began to realize the etsy fees, paypal fees and material costs were adding up to more than I could absorb. So now for any future rings I sell, out of the $35 for the ring $20 will go to Compassion International. I am not profiting off of this, it is just keeping me from going broke! Believe me, if I could give it all I would.

But, on a positive note...I am very excited about the money raised and knowing where it is going and what it is going to do!

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