Thursday, January 14, 2010

Squeemish Look Away!

Well, today I did it. I knew I would, eventually. It was inevitable and, for the most part, it really hurt. When you work with a torch and hot metal you inevitably will get burned. Today was the day.

I was working on making my daughter a set of my violet rings.

When I heated the flower it collapsed a little so, after heating it to melt the solder I picked it up, dunked it in the water (or so I thought) and then pressed my finger on it to flatten it a little.

It all happened so fast I can't honestly recall if I quenched the flower or not. I thought I did, but obviously not long enough.

I burned my finger and then as a reaction balled my hand up and, I am guessing the flower stuck to my finger because my palm got burned also.

(notice the pattern? flower center and petals, lol)

Ah well. My finger feels better now, the palm is a little sore (probably because it isn't burned as bad and the nerves are still raw) but, I survived without going to the emergency room.

I learned to pay closer attention and not get in a hurry for sure.


  1. owwww! My fiance's dad works with a torch, and it amazes me that he doesn't burn himself!

  2. Ouch. That must have been really painful! (neat pattern, though!).