Saturday, January 30, 2010

My New Ring on Loan

Visiting my parents today my dad pulled out all of the turquoise jewelery he made in the 70s. We lived in New Mexico so he had access to the best turquoise and great design influence from the Native American population in the area.

His stuff is amazing. I saw this ring he had and asked to borrow it. He made this for my Grandmother (Meme who has passed so he has it back). Of course he said yes, and although I could have it if I asked, instead I asked if I could wear it. So, officially, it is on loan.

I absolutely love it! It's a gorgeous piece of turquoise that has wonderful aqua blues and blue greens. It reminds me of the arial views of tropical islands you see on the travel channel.

I am so excited to be able to wear it. I can't wait till I can design and create to his level!


  1. Oh wow Beautiful Ring!! Maybe I can borrow it after you are done!

  2. so beautiful! what talent...

  3. Nothing short of stunning. You'll love wearing it. I would too. :)