Saturday, January 16, 2010


I, as well as a lot of us, have had a dose of putting things in perspective this week. Watching what has been going on in Haiti really has make me re-think the stresses I've been under, the goals I set for myself, the priority I put to useless matters.

There is a group of artists that have put together a shop on called Hearts for Haiti. All proceeds are going to Doctors without borders for assistance to Haiti. If you want to donate there is info in their shop announcement. If you are able, you can purchase something wonderful that will go to their charity.

I know we are all touched by what is happening and find it hard to comprehend the suffering taking place. I know it helps when we feel that we are contributing somewhat, in whatever level we can.

I encourage you to check out the shop and either donate an item or purchase an item to help in this huge need.

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