Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Funny

This was a little comedy show we watched this morning.

It has only been this year that we have seen squirrels in our neighborhood. The neighborhood is around 11 years old, and it has taken this long for our trees to mature to provide food and shelter. A cute squirrel discovered our bird feeder this morning.

He was happy to find a fresh breakfast and adeptly helped himself. We watched, entertained, and after my husband fetched my camera, I snapped a few pictures. My dogs, trained not to chase little creatures on my bird feeder, obeyed properly and sat close by. After about fifteen minutes we decided that the squirrel had enough of the birds food and told the dogs to get it. (I knew they wouldn't hurt the animal.)

So the play began....

First, dogs running and barking....

then the squirrel...

back to breakfast.

Then more dogs....

Then the squirrel,

back to breakfast.
Then more dogs, running and barking.

Then the squirrel,

back to breakfast.
We really didn't think we would win, we had to get ready for church.

We went in and, fourtyfive minutes later he was still eating. What a piggy little squirrel.


  1. Oh yes,,, the squirrels are so cute....until they bore holes in the chimney of your house and set up residence in your attic....with all their friends! We were just talkinga about the squirrels in our backyard over breakfast this morning! Ours don't do acrobatics in the bird feeders though... :)

  2. Your pictures look like excitement in my yard...especially the "get them" part! LOL
    We have a terrible time with squirrels in our garden. If they could just eat the stuff you put out for them that would be nice, but no, they have to eat all your plants and fruits and vegatables too....then dig holes...