Friday, May 28, 2010

Troublesome Tomato

It seems every year one of my tomato plants goes crazy. Usually it is a grape tomato. I didn't find any this year (yes, I am a cheater and buy baby plants) so I chose another tomato. The stake is gone...don't know I can't tell you what kind it is. But what I can tell you is that as HUGE as this guy is, there is not one tomato on the plant. Not one!

There have been blossoms but they dry up and fall off. I water and fertilize this one the same as the other plants I have, but nope, no tomatoes. This is a first. Even though my grape tomato was huge it continuously produced fruit, usually more than we could eat.

(** as a side note I have to say how proud I am of my daughter. Every time they have free dress at school she chooses this shirt to wear. I'm so proud of her being happy and secure in her faith. okay, back to the tomatoes....)

Thankfully my other dear sweet plants are producing. I have a cherry tomato, see this lovely hiding way deep in the plant?

and the promise of more:

And a Roma tomato. This is the first time I have grown one of these, but this is our favorite tomato we buy from the store so when I found this little beauty I had to get it. It is producing lovely little gems, too.

Well, maybe it won't be too much of a giant before we get some tomatoes, unless it sprouts legs and starts ravaging the neighborhood!

(couple of little lovelies: this is my oregano plant blooming.

and a lovely little purple flower...don't know what it is..


  1. love the shirt, and the tomatoes! :) and my fabulous new book bag! thanks again.....I love it!

  2. Hm, maybe the flowers on your tricky tomato vine aren't getting pollinated? But your other plants are producing, so that would be odd if it were the case. You could try doing it by hand.