Monday, May 24, 2010

Heat Wave in my House!

Our downstairs A/C unit is out, of course, and we are having August like weather here. Does the A/C repair guy show up on time? No. Hes an hour and a half late (mind you this is AFTER MY 9-12 window I spent sitting around waiting) When he shows up, does he fix it? No, he says the coils are frozen so they need to thaw. He'll be back in a couple of hours. Was he back in a couple of hours? No. It's been four.

And, when he shows up I know what he will say to me. The same thing every other A/C repair guy has said about every A/C unit in every house I have ever lived in. "There is no freon so there is a leak somwhere. You need a new A/C unit".

Now this brings up two points for me. 1. This has happened to us many many times and we always have them charge the system with freon and it usually lasts about two years with no trouble. AND THE BIG ONE..

2. Does he REALLY believe I am going to pay a company $6000 (we have two units) to replace my units that can't show up on time, can't call when they are going to be late, tells me it's my fault my A/C went out on the weekend and acts like he is doing ME a favor? Does he really expect me to pay his company that kind of money when they have AWFUL customer service? Really?? Really?

I hope I get the chance to tell him so. I'd say I'll go cool off, but I can't because my A/C is out and the repair guy is NOT HERE!


  1. If you ask me AC repairmen are worse then lawyers and scummier too! They know most people haven't a clue about there inner workings and that they can basically say whatever they want and get you to pay for it! We live in Vegas (equals 115 degrees or higher in summertime)and have had our fair share of hot nights sleeping with wet towels and fans. My poor dads air is out and they want $17,000 to "do it right"!!!! I feel for you and hope you get your air situated quick =)

  2. I lived in the Houston area for 8 years, and I can feel your pain. Miserable heat and humidity. Being hot is the thing I hate most. I hope it works out without any major expense.....

  3. Just wanted to say...thanks so much for commenting on my blog!! It sure has been an adventure so far up here! I appreciated your words so much. :)