Sunday, May 16, 2010

Progress of the blanket....

A few weeks back I mentioned I was beginning to crochet again just to be productive in the evenings. I get lost in cyber-land sometimes so I decided to pull myself out of that back hole and actually create something. Crocheting is pretty relaxing for me so I started on pretty basic granny squares. Soon though, as I do, I was distracted by the bigger, better and prettier things.

I would think most people, when starting a project would do a little research to see what options are available in a new project. Not me. I dive right in and then, well into the project, change directions.

Long story short, this current crochet project isn't what I started out doing, but is much prettier than my first attempt. I found a tutorial on While it is gorgeous, the tutorial is incomplete. I was able to figure it out by looking at the pictures. I'm afraid someone who didn't crochet would have a little difficulty with it. But, since it was so pretty I decided to jump right in (of course).

This is where I am right now on my project.

Since starting I have found other wonderful pictures, sites and tutorials with more gorgeous patterns, information on better yarn colors and where to get them. Here are two wonderful blogs that have loads of information: The Royal Sisters and Attic 24 Both contain lovely tutorials that seem easy to follow as well as places to get lovely yarns.

I haven' tried any of their tutorials yet, and am dying to! I need to finish this current project first. Maybe I can make them into pillows?


  1. So bright and colorful, it's looking great! I wish I could crochet...

  2. Oh my, the combination of colours you chose are fantastic! I think they would look lovely as pillows. Congratulations on your work and patience!