Thursday, June 3, 2010

It will Break my Heart.

This is where we spent our vacation last summer. The beauty was unbelieveable! The sand was amazing, the water so clear and the colors, oh, the colors, just breathtaking.

(that is a dolphin in the water)

The oil spill is heading their way. It makes me sad.


  1. that oil thing is a huge mess and I really hope it doesn't mess up places like that

  2. I am with you. My favorite place is Galveston, which is not 45 minutes from us. I can't watch the news. I end up crying.

    Where are all the so called animal groups?? Why aren't they helping the animals like they claim that they do??

  3. It breaks my heart too! I feel so bad for canceling our big family trip to Orange Beach, AL but it is a lot of money to not be able to be on the beach :( Love your toes in the sun :)