Friday, April 2, 2010

New Ad

I've place an ad on this week. I thought it looked cool when I made it but seeing it on their website I think it fell a little flat. Luckily they are so nice they will let me change it if I can do another. Ugh....I wish I could afford an advertising executive to do this for me :-)

what do you think? what should the ad say? closer picture of the rings? all help is appreciated!


  1. Maybe a zoom of the rings, and a colored background to make it pop! Good luck with the ad. I'd love to know how it works out. I need work on marketing!

  2. I have an ad on Craftcult starting on the 6th (which is Tuesday, I think). I'm excited because it's the first time I've ever advertised online, apart from a few places on Project Wonderful for like... $0.01, hehe.

    I've often wondered how successful ads are on Craftcult - I hope it helps my shop (which is in dire need of help, I have to admit).

    I like the font in your ad, although I agree that you definitely need to zoom in on the rings. When I made mine, I took a screenshot of Craftcult and opened it in Photoshop and superimposed my ad on top of one of the existing ads to see if it looked okay!

    Anyway, good luck with your new ad - let us know how it works out! :)