Thursday, October 28, 2010

Physics Not Cooperating!

 I had this idea for a necklace using these amazing pieces I bought.    You can see from the connectors I was thinking of a great geometric design..something that would bold and chunky.

It looks exactly how I wanted UNLESS you try to wear it.  Then it goes all wonky.  Gravity doesn't let it sit bunches up, hangs crooked and any other problem you can guess.  I don't want to solder the pieces together in the shape I want them to make because part of the piece was to be the chunky movement..if that makes sense. 

Ah well,  the great thing about making it is that I can un-do it and re-do it until I get it right. 


  1. What if you hinged the stones together instead of jump rings? And moved the chain connectors to the top outside of the lg and small pieces. Would that make it lie flat?

    No idea if that would work or not.
    Smiles - Denise

  2. hinging might work... I don't think moving the connectors would. i think that would distribute the weight even more heavily into the center.

  3. I was wondering if really wide loops made with something like bezel wire would work instead of the jump rings. (I make jewelry but am not a metalsmith so forgive the lack of proper terminology.) This could work to keep the piece from shifting sideways because of gravity. Maybe that is what Denise meant by hinging? Any way, your piece is gorgeous! I am sure you will figure out something that will work, and will still have that chunky with movement look you are after.