Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Head Slap!

This is the template for my new business cards.  I just ordered 100 so I could see if I liked them or not.

Well, do you see the error?  ~sheesh~  I get so bogged down in the design I don't proofread.  Although it's a small thing it's still there. 

*hint, I don't know of any email accounts that don't have an @ in them.  *sigh* 


  1. GRIN hey at least you got it on there, I forgot the email address altogether! I learned to always get someone else (or a bunch of someone else's!) to proof it. Oh well, it happens, people know what it means and your design is lovely!

  2. Don't fret - most people will automatically know to insert an @ in place of the dot. The cards look great! Just remember to fix the error before ordering more.

    Those cards are you! In my opinion!
    Smiles - Denise

  3. Oh, man- you poor thing!! The cards are so lovely, though. And, yes, most people will know what to do. I feel your pain, though! I double and triple checked mine a million times for fear of doing the same thing.

  4. It does suck but in this day and age most folks where know where to out the @... And these are pretty cool!

  5. Yikes! The email thing is a bummer, but I do like the cards. Very eye-catching, which is what you want for business cards. :)