Friday, October 15, 2010

I want to go Camping!!!

It's no secret I want a camper.  I have said it over and over again.  I LUURRVVV camping.

Some friends of mine are camping this weekend.  They are new campers, with little kids, so they came over to borrow a bunch of our stuff.  Sadly, they asked, since we didn't camp anymore, if we wanted to sell our stuff.  I almost laughed, "no" (with the underlying "duh" tone).  Although we haven't camped in a while I FULLY intend to camp again, someday.

Having three teenage daughters doesn't really lend itself to being outdoors, dirty, with no wifi.  Truthfully, this is the only way we would get them out in the wide open world.

 (I showed this one to my husband to have a good laugh about the opulence of some of the campers...he thought it was so cool!  and even drooled a little....okay, can I have my computer back now?)

But if it were up to me, this is what I would have.

or this...

or this.

These vintage trailers are VERY hard to find in the South just because things that are made of metal and wood don't usually survive outdoors for over 50 years.  I want something small so I can drive it.  So I would love another option.

I did see these.


I think they are too cute!  I don't know if I could drag my remaining at home two teenagers out with me but, y'know?  maybe that's all part of the getting away from it all.   


  1. You just jumped to the top of my "you are cool list":)

  2. Me too. I have a small pop-up camper, but those vintage campers are beyond awesome!!!!

  3. Me too!! me too me too me too...I've been watching the classifieds for an Airstream for YEARS now and I will absolutely have one before I die!

  4. I really, really, really want an Airstream. We looked at a bunch this summer, but I just couldn't buy one. Maybe next year?

  5. I LOVE vintage campers! Unfortunately we live in an urban apartment (no place to park one), and my husband thinks that the only worthwhile camping involves hiking miles and miles before setting up a tent in the middle of the woods somewhere! I definitely dream of talking him into one someday.

  6. I love campers too! Have you seen the cupcake camper? Just google it, it's breathtakingly beautiful. :)

  7. You're husband won't think it's very cool when the motor or track on that slide out for the car breaks. In the first 3 months. It will. I promise. ;)

  8. While I hate camping I certainly do think the vintage campers are adorable- especially the pink ones!