Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beg or Earn?

I have a new experience this fall.....High School Band. The practice and game schedule is crazy and was slightly expected. What I didn't expect was the fund raising that is going on. Car washes, sales, and, unfortunately just begging.

I honestly have a problem with that. While we aren't the richest of families I do not agree with those ways of raising money that puts kids on the street corners asking for handouts. I want my kids to earn what they get, work for it, find a way to raise the money. I will not have them ask for donations. Our youth group had a mission trip this summer in which they had to write letters to other families asking for donations. I wouldn't let my kids do it. I would totally support them if they wanted to have a bake sale, a car wash or make something to sell, but just outright ask for money? No way.

That being said, the FIRST fund raising assignment my daughter received was a goal of $50. She must raise that amount before she is allowed to attend a big party. They did not give her any ideas on how to do it, just that she must do it if she wants to attend.

So, I guess my question is two fold:
1. How do you feel about that?
and 2. What are some fund raising ideas that you know of?

Thanks for the input for an already tired band mom!


  1. I often donate to charities or good causes without wanting anything in return. Perhaps its good to see it from different sides? Do you ever donate to charity or must charitable organizations, events, endeavors EARN your money somehow? I believe in philanthropy as much as I believe in teaching children to work for what they want.

    That said, I hate school fundraising. 50.00 isn't that much, I am sure you guys will come up with some way to earn that amount - bake sale, car wash, dog walking, artwork sale...??

  2. oh, and for groups - silent auctions work GREAT! you still have to get 'donations' of items to auction, but its a fun fundraiser.

  3. I completely agree about handouts. There were many 'fund raisers' that I just wouldn't allow my kids to be in. Period!

    Sell candybars, candy, or jewelry. Contact a Tastefully Simple, Avon, Mary Kay consultants and see if you can do a Mom's Night Out and have all the reps come in and do shows. Then the reps give a certain percentage to the band.

    I've been there - good luck!

    Smiles - Denise

  4. I agree Janice, but it's not like she's feeding hungry children. She is paying to get into a party! :-)

    That being said thanks for all your wonderful ideas. We have a little entrepreneur who lives next door and is always making/selling stuff. I'm sending my daughter over there tomorrow to get inspiration.