Friday, June 18, 2010

Alone on a Friday can get you in trouble!

My dear husband is on his way back from being out of town, my dear first born is at her job, my dear second and third born are on their way back from camp. I am sitting, cozily in my chair with a cup of coffee (yep, the campers get back at midnight so it's okay) and doing what else? shopping... a little too much shopping, but, hey....who can help it with these gorgeous things just waiting to be picked up?

These first few are from LyndasBeadDreams. I love these sets of orphans she has. While I have no particular plans as of yet, you never know when you need a gorgeous lampwork bead thrown in for sparkle and interest.

Which of course let to these from TwoSisters4.

Which will go with these from BeadFreaky.

And then who can resist these from edooley, which go with nothing, but again, you just never know.
*Sigh* and the the "piece-de-resistance" (said with a french accent of course), these absolutely gorgeous pieces from seaurchin. A little pricey but totally worth it! I DO have plans for these beauties!

And so this is how I spent my Friday evening. I think it was very productive as well as extremely satisfying!

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  1. oh yeah, I've been drooling over seaurchins shop, all great picks!