Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am seriously stressing out here and I don't know why. We are planning an amazing, once in a lifetime trip for a week in London and a week in Paris.

Don't think we are rich here, we aren't. This is a result of my husband traveling for the last 18 months, non stop, out of town and me here with three girls, luckily who are half grown and amazing. We have free air miles and hotels accumulated and decided to use it all in this trip before our oldests goes away to college this fall and are middle leaves next fall.

The closer it gets the more stressed I feel. I just blew my gasket at my amazing middle daughter for loosing her new necklace. She eventually found it but I really didn't need to blow a gasket!

My husband sent info last night that a cab ride from Heathrow airport to our hotel is estimated to cost almost $200! That is insane! So he in his need to cut costs wants us to take an express train from the airport to downtown and then catch the subway or a cab, in rush hour, to our hotel. All of this after a 9 hour flight.....with luggage in tow. *sigh* that just makes my head hurt.

Last night my dog was making noise which woke me up. Instead of saying her name I yelled "Paris!" lol. That did wake me up and cheer me up.

I just want to enjoy all of this. I don't want the stress. I'm not very nice when I'm stressed. I want to focus on the fun, not how I will mediate between my take it easy daughter and my must-go-as-fast-as-we-can-to-see-as-much-as-we-can husband and eldest daughter, these hidden expenses that keep coming up, the travel hazards and, of course, my favorite, getting on this amazingly huge and heavy hunk of metal and being thousands of feet in the air hoping it stays up (oh did I mention I hate flying?)

Everyone feel free to smack me upside the head and tell me how blessed I am, just relax, think of all the wonderful experiences I am going to share with my children....*sigh*... I know...maybe I just need a nap.


  1. It will be ok! There is always stress when you travel, but I can imagine that quadruples when you are going over seas... It will be an experience of a life will make amazing memories...London and Paris? It's got to be worth the stress right? You guys sound like us when it comes to traveling. We are taking the girls to Disneyland in November, all on frequent flyer and hotel points! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that someday my husband will take us to London! Have a great time and a safe trip. I have a feeling that once you get there all the anxieties will just melt away....

  2. On the upside, they have REALLY clean public restrooms in England. Of course, they are pay toilets but still. They're REALLY clean.

    Have a good trip. It will be a blast and full of memories. Don't worry about the money. You can save later.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I just want to also tell you that I have been to England many times and although there is a lot you can see, you just pick out what you want to see, and you are going to have a BLAST!!!! You are also going on my dream vacation to Paris. Wow. An artist's dream. You are so lucky and I am overjoyed for you!!! I love French music, to make believe I'm in Paris. One of these days, before I die, I will make it there.
    You are just nervous becsuse you are just so EXCITED!!!!! YAY for YOU!!!!
    Calm down and enjoy the moments you are about to cherish for the rest of your life!!!
    Linda :)
    PS. I saw the necklace below this post and it's gorgeous!

  4. Paris and London are two amazing citites. You will have fun guaranteed. As you said, it's a once in a lifetime trip, so enjoy it. In case you haven't thought about it, I recommend you to go see one of the many musicals in London and don't miss Moulin Rouge or Lido in Paris. I hope you'll have a great time and don't worry, taking a train from the airport and than the subway it's not all that bad in Europe.