Thursday, June 10, 2010

They Came! They Came!

I am not really a person who gets excited about clothes. I really don't like shopping and am a t-shirt and shorts kindof gal. BUT..

I found these shoes the other day and I fell in L-O-V-E!!! The store was sold out in my size (apparently others love them too) so I had to do an online search. Most websites were sold out, too! But, I finally found a pair and they came today.

This is the first pair of wedges I own (i know...i know...for those of you who are in disbelief) and they are surprisingly comfortable. Even if they weren't I would still wear them because I LOVE them!


  1. Haha!! Nice shoes! I've been browsing through your shop and I love your work. Maybe now you'll be even more inspired with such stylish feet!

  2. Love these shoes! They look very summery & classy. I'm glad you found them in your size. (:

  3. I love these shoes to! Kinda retro style! The pillow top you made is beautiful and I love the colors!