Thursday, April 19, 2012

Off the bench and out the door

I took last week off  and put my etsy shop in vacation mode to take care of a few issues and to catch up on some orders.  I have been so blessed this year, and I truly count it as a blessing.  I know it's an overflowing of gifts and grace given to me because of who knows why..but I am  thankful and so grateful.

Anyway, it's been hectic.  I've been busy making the same ring over and over.  I love all my customers and the stories they tell.  I had one customer tell me they bought one of my prehnite rings for a "push present" for his wife.  She is about to deliver their third child.  Wow!  It is such an honor.  I get a lot of anniversaries and birthdays, and a few engagements.  It is so humbling to be part of someones special days.

So, this was my week, well, three days of it anyway. 

I've decided I am  going to try to take Fridays off during this beautiful weather we are having to enjoy working in my garden ( which is fantastic by the way due to the extremely mild winter and wet spring we've had...I have pictures to share later). 

So, off to the post office today and then back to the bench to finish a few custom orders and a re-size. 

I hope you have a great rest of the week and a glorious weekend.

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  1. Would you look at all those orders going out to new families! Your rings are gorgeous!