Thursday, April 19, 2012

My garden

When we first moved to our house and put in our pool my husband was all about wanting a tropical garden.  Palm trees, hibiscus, grasses, birds of paradise, etc.  Though I wanted a cottage garden, being the wife I was (note I said was, lol)  I let him have his way.  We planted palms that quickly took over the area that we planted them in, or they died in unexpected snowfalls.  We planted hibiscus that, when you treat them just right they bloom, but we learned they are very finicky and just get rangy and spindly with no blooms if you don't have the magic formula that we could never figure out.  So, over the years our tropical garden has died out.  Slowly, and little by little I have worked on creating and developing my cottage garden.   I've stopped asking what he wants (that comes with years of marriage) and decided it's my turn.  He really doesn't care, I'm not a selfish b... like it sounds...:-) 

Though it's still in development, my garden is coming along nicely. 

My rose/flower border along my fence:  

I made this a while ago in my "mosaic phase".

I seem to gravitate towards pink and yellow. 

I've had the most beautiful irises this year.

My favorite spot for breakfast.

My amaryllis are late bloomers and my daylillies are a constant, though not showy.  I found them almost overtaken earlier this spring in the middle of the irises.

A few more lovelies to add:

And last, but certainly not least and most definitely worth waiting for:  PEACHES! 

That is my glorious garden this year.  I am loving every minute of it!

I hope you have a small green patch to call your own. 

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  1. Amy, I just had to come by and see your blog...what a lovely visit I had! Your Garden is Beautiful, My passion is Gardening, I know a Green thumb when I see it:D
    Thank-You for coming by my blog, and your help on the Vintage Camper Link...:D I hope you don't mind, I think other ladies out there would really be inspired by your Gardening I am linking back to you :D