Monday, April 30, 2012

I met some celebrities!

well, what I consider celebrities, anyway.

I went to the Country Living show in Austin, Texas this past weekend.  Imagine my surprise when a group from "Sisters on the Fly" were there.  I was so excited.  They had three of their trailers parked and were letting us in them.

I have wanted to do "Sisters on the fly" for about two years.  (See, I even posted about it here almost exactly two years ago) .  The ladies were really sweet and answered lots of my questions.  They even said I don't have to have a trailer to be a "sister".  Pretty cool, huh?  Though I think it would be awesome to have one.

So I'm debating.  Some minutes I tell myself, "GO for it!", the next I'm saying "wait for the last one to go to college and you'll have more time"...I think I'm leaning for the "go for it" part but we'll see. 

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  1. My Mom and her husband just bought a camper like that second one. Too cool! I wish I could see the inside!