Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rethinking Everything (warning-long narrative)

Ever since I've started learning metalsmithing/silversmithing/whatever, I've been interested in lots of different aspects of the art.  I've tried lots of different styles, tried lots of different techniques and processes, and tried to develop and define where I was going.

Last year I thought I had gotten it all figured out with the turquoise and southwest styles.  I worked on those, purchased lots of turquoise and sold lots of turquoise jewelry pieces.  I have found, though, that I still come back to the simpler styles, the gemstones, and rings.  Why rings, I just don't know, but I really love making (and wearing) them.

I've made bracelets and necklaces and they have sold well, but I struggle with the aspect that those are things that I don't wear.  Since I don't hardly wear necklaces or bracelets it's hard for me to judge whether or not they are pretty, whether they are what someone would wear, or whether they are just junk.  The only true measure I have is when they sell or not.

Even if they sell, though, I just don't get the same sense of satisfaction or sense of accomplishment that I do when I make a ring.  I see other peoples work (Like another Amy I know here) and am so impressed with her work.  It's gorgeous and I think "I could wear that", but when it comes to what I design and make I'm stuck on rings.  I know what I like, what I would wear and that is how I design, I guess.

So, now I'm feeling that unsettled feeling again, the need to make a change, to re-vamp some stuff.

First, I'm thinking about changing my blog layout, colors, header, etc.  I hesitate because  1.  I paid for this layout and 2.  I have been told, read, advised, etc.  that branding is SO important with a business and consistency is key!  Is it that I am just tired of it or is it because it still isn't the right fit? 

Second, I'm still refining and re-thinking direction and designs.  You may remember that my dad is sharing a studio with me now.  He has made some amazing pieces with turquoise in modern as well as southwest styles.  (see his work here and be sure to check out his sold pieces).  He is and was a big influence on my roots of style being in the southwest designs.  I just can't quite get to where he is in his designs.  I don't know if that is discouraging or if I am just not into it anymore.  I know big chunky turquoise is coming back in style but it just isn't doing it for me.  I TOTALLY think he should continue because he is so good at it, but I just don't know if that is still my direction.

So, that is where I am at.  Still muddling through trying to figure some things out.  I am totally open to advice; if you've been here and how you worked through it; telling me I need to snap out of it, etc.


  1. Just do what y0u love. There is always someone out there that will appreciate your work and artistic expression. Sometimes change is good!

  2. I think every once and a while it's good to change. It can refresh and renew. For me it's a big motivator, like a new perspective. This doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you are doing but if you aren't feeling satisfied it will lead to discontentment which is very unmotivating. So, change it up a bit! It doesn't mean you have to give up on your style roots and it's not like you can't go back if you change your mind again. :)

    1. true, Nicole, though if I do change this blog I can't go back. I would never know how to fix it. I tried changing another blog I have and it was a disaster! :-)