Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Tool

I bought a new tool this week.  It is a GRS Benchmate Stone Setters Kit. I have had this on my wish list, in my shopping cart, out of my shopping cart over and over for about two years. 

I asked myself the other day "are you serious about this or not?".  So, I bit the bullet and did it. 

Now it's sitting in about five different boxes on my kitchen table.  Next project, figure it out and set it up.

I've looked into local classes and am having a hard time finding good classes.  There are many beginning metal smithing classes; however, specialty classes such as stone setting which is really what I'm interested in are a little more difficult to find.  I did however, find a jewelers certification class that was a 12 week program..and a price of $10,000.  (Yes, there is no misplaced decimal point..I had to look twice, too! )  I'm not really interested in taking a class at a college.  I've done that before and there are so many superfluous things you have to do and the time doesn't work with my schedule.  I would prefer a concentrated class on a concentrated subject.  Ah well,  the search continues. 


  1. See if you can find a craft guild, or a gem and mineral club in your area. They usually do classes. I know here at the Craft guild of Dallas you can specifically take advanced stone setting... good luck in your search!

  2. Ten Grand! Holy Smokes! Hope you find the classes you seek!