Thursday, October 13, 2011

Snarky Idol

Wow!  I just had my idol knocked off her pedestal this morning.  I won't tell you who she is because that would be wrong.  I really admire her work.  Her stuff is amazing and if I could be half as successful as she is I would be happy.  BUT, I read an article today and this is what she said..

"I want you to feel comfortable in knowing you ARE purchasing an ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC [redacted] design. There are far too many wannabes in the market and I want you to collect the original with confidence and comfort."

Wow!  "far too many wannabes"!  ouch!  and so snarky!  It smacks not only of a lack of generosity for those of us up and comers but also a little insecurity.

Though I am still impressed with her work, I'm not impressed with her.  So disappointing! 


  1. Now I wanna know who! ;-) I remember the first time my idol fell off her pedestal. Things were never quite the same for me. How about a little graciousness?

  2. i think your work is 10 times better than this person's designs. so you just keep on rocking it!!