Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little shopping and then a little organization

I went shopping for new tools with my dad today.  As you may or may not remember he is starting up his silver working again.  (take a look at his stuff from an earlier post.  It's awesome!)  So we went today to pick up some tools for him and, of course, I had a few things I just had to have as well.

Now, ashamedly I admit , this was my current organizational system for my rings.

 The larger rings were put into their own little cubby in these boxes, while the smaller rings were grouped by style (birthstone rings, hammered rings, gemstone rings, etc.)  I wasn't happy with this system and, though I am very careful with my pieces, I just didn't think it did them any justice.  I've seen ring organizers before, in boxes with slits that you can put rings into.  They have always been so expensive and, since I don't do shows, I couldn't justify in my mind spending that kind of money on a storage system.  I've even thought of what it would take to make my own! 

Today, while perusing the myriad of aisles in the supply store I came across just the insert for this type of box!  Woo hoo!  and only $6.00?  SOLD!

So, here is my new system.

I really can't believe I have this many rings in stock.  Not all are for sale in my shop, some are old stock I just don't make anymore, but others are my...oh what do you call it?...the first one I made so I could photograph it.....whatever. 

I am happy to be more organized and to have my rings displayed like they deserve to be.  It almost makes me think I could do a show...only almost.

Oh, and here are some tools I got today.

 A new chasing hammer, some flat nose pliers and a new bench block.  I also got more little oval turquoise cabs so I could make more of these!

  Oh, of course, a little iced coffee to assist in the organization and clean up!

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