Sunday, October 30, 2011

Its only a coincidence its almost Halloween

because this is not for halloween.

My daughters are HUGE fans of Japanese Anime.  T.V. shows, anime books, etc.  Well, this weekend was a Anime convention called "Onicon".  This is a convention that has lots of things related to Anime, video games, books, etc.  There are speakers, games (like live chess where you have to simulate a battle if you are taken) concerts, lectures, and celebrities (not Kardashian like thank-GOD!  my daughter was goo-goo over a Japanese composer!  yay)

My daughters dressed up to go.  Here is how they looked:

and this is who they were supposed to be:

The second day only my youngest dressed up (the older sister had gone Friday night and was tired of wearing all the gear) as this:

and this is who she was supposed to be:

This mask was made by my middle daughter. 

I posted these pictures on Facebook and got a lot of, um, how do you say, questions from people at church this morning.  Yes, it is geeky, yes they are nerds, which they proudly embrace, yes it is not mainstream but I think it is awesome.  When there are so many kids out drinking and being wild, I must say I embrace this fully! 

Let Geekdom Reign!   ...besides, nerds own the world, didn't you know that? 

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