Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too boring?

I can't make decisions.  I think that is part of the slump....I am indecisive.

Are these pictures too boring or do they offer a good amount of contrast and show my work better?

I can't decide.

i've edited to add a few of my old shots for comparison:


  1. I think thse are great! clear, and clean looking. i can tell the color. get an idea for size. lovely!

  2. Not boring at all. They showcase your product so beautifully. That very last one is sooo striking. You managed to capture color and texture with the pics. Good job!!

  3. no way- not boring! I like that there are no distractions...just your pretty work!

  4. The top photos are great! They look clear and like I could reach and pick up the jewelry - that's important for decision making.