Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back for a bit

I've been pretty busy of late.  One daughter graduated and into a full time job, one off on a study abroad (lucky!) and one just needing some mommy time (the youngest not used to being alone).

I've been doing some thinking about my shop.  I've had a wholesale request from a person in a foreign country.  I've researched and feel that this individual is authentic and has a genuine offer.  They have offered to purchase a large number of my pieces and also some that have already sold.  They would like me to duplicate them as closely as possible.

The problem I am having is twofold.  One, this is a new venture for them with no guarantees that there will be any subsequent orders. The items they want are somewhat one of a kind items, not easily duplicated. Filling this order will take ALL of my time which leaves no time for creativity, trying the new techniques I want to try and working with the huge load of turquoise I am expecting any day (yay!)

Two..since it is such a big order it would require a special bank account..proforma forms...letters of credit, escrow accounts..etc.  Basically it would require me to get into "exporting".  *sigh*  If this were an order within the U.S. you would see me doing cartwheels down the street, but all of this extra stuff is just not what I want to do.

And third (yes, I know I said twofold) since this is a wholesale offer it is for half off.  And as I said before these aren't pieces that are easily made, they have my most awesome stones, etc.  I keep my pricing competitive on etsy but I just don't want to take 50% off of these pieces.

This reminds me of the old saying (and I'm paraphrasing)  "the best way to ruin something you love is to try to make a living at it".

I, honestly, don't want to do it.  Mostly because of the "export" requirements.  I feel bad because this sounds like a great opportunity.  I mean, it isn't Sundance or anything (my dream!) but still,  it just seems all consuming and having to expell energy and time on something I really don't want to get into.

So I'm torn.  It will take a few more days of deliberation I think.

I've also been wanting to redo my photos, again.    I've taken a few to compare side to side:

I'd love to know what you think.  This?

or this?

I think the second would be good for a look book..but maybe not for etsy?  The first set is much better I think, but it isn't consistent. I don't know.   Maybe I'll just go sleep on it all.

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  1. I pass on wholesale all the time. I don't feel bad about it anymore. I can barely keep up with retail myself and to top if off I like you don't like the thought of making only half of the money yet still doing all the work. I am exclusive in other words, if you want my product you have to get it from me.

    Now this isn't to say one day down the road I might consider it, but I think I would pass on the international. From what you mentioned that seems like too much of a head ache!