Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'll start with day 2.

I gave a little hint earlier about our first day in London, but since we were so tired, that was pretty much all it was about. Being tired and trying to make it through the day.

Our second day was much better with a little more rest we set out on a boat tour of the Thames. It was loads of fun. We saw really interesting things riding up the Thames as well as being entertained by a very funny guide.One of the things we were looking forward to was hearing British accents. Well, the guide did not disappoint. He had a thick accent and his anecdotes filled with British slang was such a treat. We were also lucky enough (yes, lucky) to be seated near a school group of boys that appeared to be around 10 years old. They talked non stop and their accents were so heavy we barely could make out if they were actually speaking English. Plus their sweaters with their school crest and their hats made it all the more charming.Our boat trip dropped us off at Greenwich (pron. grennich) and we climbed to the top of the hill to the Royal Observatory to see the Prime Meridian, which of course we had to straddle!
Hiking back down the hill gave us the most wonderful views of London.
We then found a little pub and had a pub lunch with a pint. The man working in the pub was lovely and fun to talk to. He told us all about how much it rains there but we, apparently, decided to take our vacation (holiday) in a heat wave! Lucky us, especially when there is no air conditioning in most places.

This was an interesting sight. This is written at most crossing areas. I don't know if it is common all over England or if it is just in the heavy tourist areas to keep tourists from being killed. It reminds us which way to look so we don't get smashed by an oncoming car coming from the wrong direction!

We timed our visit just right to be in the heat of World cup fever. It was fun to see the overflowing pubs with people supporting their countries (England was just eliminated before we arrived) but there was still lots of fun. This is Piccadilly Circus where our hotel was. The traffic and crowds were immense. I consider myself a city girl, but after being here, I don't think I really know what city life is like!

We did fall in love with London though. I'd go back in a minute!

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  1. You have absolutely no idea how jealous I am that you went to London. It has been my dream my entire life...I am so happy you are posting pics. I so want to go!