Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 4 Starts with the Queen

or as close as most of us will ever get. There were so many people there. We had heard to get there early so we could see but when we got there we couldn't see a thing. Luckily when the guards start marching in the crowd shifts and we were able to get a little closer.

The actual changing of the guards.

The best part was afterward when we got an ice cream with a "flake" (shaved chocolate pressed into a stick-type thing, yum) and sat in the park. Lovely.

We then headed to the British Museum. A huge treasure box of some amazing things.

This is INSIDE the museum. There are three sides like this!

One of the destinations the girls wanted to see was a Harry Potter reference in Kings Cross Station. They've actually made an actual place like is in the book complete with a luggage cart halfway through the wall.

We ended the day with a visit to the London Eye. One of my favorite things. I am not crazy about heights but if I didn't look down it wasn't too bad. The views were amazing.

Parliament Building.

London is a HUGE city.

We walked past the Prime Minister's house once when we were lost. We saw this big gate with an alley-like street behind the gate. It was guarded by serious looking officers with flack jackets and big guns. I said "oh, someone important must live there". I found out later what it was!

Even though we started this day a little later, we got so much more done. This was one of my favorite days.

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  1. I've been waiting to read your London posts, I have this habit of "saving" things to read, sort of as a little treat to read them all at once. You didn't disappoint! I love, love, love all the great pictures of London. I would love to go there. Someday.....