Saturday, March 6, 2010

Custom Order Finished and a Friend Found

This was a custom order. A perfectly lovely girl living in France who had her own ideas of what would be a good design. We had many conversations back and forth and I found a friend along the way.
Aren't they lovely! She had amazing ideas! I try not to feel inadequate when my customers have better ideas than I do. I am blessed, however, to be able to do this and doubly blessed with a new friend. Thank you Thao!


  1. Really lovely! What kind of stone is that one the left? And don't feel inadequate. Custom orders are awesome because they challenge us to try things we would never have tried before. And look at the results! A wonderful collaboration.

  2. Those are gorgeous!!! I am totally loving the one on the left..

  3. Beautiful - you are clever...warm wishes x