Friday, August 5, 2011

How I'm feelling in Pictures...

This is how I'm feeling,

and this,

and this.

You know..when I encounter something difficult, I expect delays, maybe working hard, learning as I go, etc.  When something should be simple it just is just like that annoying brother or sister, poking me...every couple of minutes...relentlesly...continually...untill...I just can't take it...and I...BREAK! 

Yesterday a UPS package went missing.  A package full of turquoise I am DYING to get my hands on!  It was "guaranteed" delivered yesterday.  When it didn't show up by 6 (which is waay past my delivery guys time) I was just told "ma'am, its out for delivery"  I called again at 8, still no package and no help.  "Its out for delivery"  "Its guaranteed today" blah blah blah. 

So I check the site this it says delivery date is today. I called and asked "what does guaranteed mean?  "Um, ma'am....uh...."   "Do I have any recourse?"  Well, nope!  Now I have to file a claim, wait...hopefully get my money back and the turquoise I specifically picked?  vanished..gone!   AARRRGGGHHH!  It is soooo frustrating!!!

now, just to add to my irritation my phone is acting up, grrr. 

I just breathe and count my blessings, try not to take it out on my family, breathe and move on.  *sigh*

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