Friday, April 15, 2011

A Tribute to the Southwest

Well, I haven't begun to work in Turquoise as much as I had planned, mainly because it's hard to find really gorgeous pieces on the internet.  I had what I thought was a good supplier but twice now have been disappointed in what I've received.  I need to hold the stone and feel it in my hand to really choose it.  I may have to plan a trip to visit my sister soon.

In the mean time I had this piece of gorgeous jasper I decided to use.  This was a piece that  when I started I didn't know what it would end up as, but as it progressed all the pieces seemed to come together.  I even surprised myself at how much I liked the end result.

I'm hoping soon to get my mits on some great turquoise, but while I wait for a trip to Arizona I'm pretty happy with what I'm working with. 


  1. I am usually not a big fan of Turquoise but that one you have in the photo looks great. So holding out for the right piece is worth it!