Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ladies, you gotta try these!

Looking to start your spring wardrobe?  Look no further!  I received this today and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

This is a wrap skirt from Mountainashdesign on Etsy.  It is such a cute and comfortable skirt and made so well.  It fits a range of sizes and, since I have been running and hope to continue to do so, it will continue to fit me as I shrink! 

She makes these skirts for you smaller gals as well as us bigger gals, so we all can have something beautiful, comfortable and oh so feminine for the warmer months.  And for those of you who maybe are expecting, this is perfect for the growing as well as the shrinking you'll be doing in the months ahead.

I recommend you check out her shop, Mountainashdesign .  There are many fabric styles to choose from.  You can have a simple plain black all the way to a yellow and hot pink print (which I have dibs on, by the way).  You will definitely find something to fall in love with there.

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