Friday, February 4, 2011

Houston is a Popsicle

I know I will get little sympathy from most if not all of you, and I'm not really out for sympathy.  Honestly, I find this all a little rediculous.  If you don't know, the city of Houston is vertually paralyzed.  We have ice, people.  Not inches, not feet, no snow, no blizzard.  We have about one quarter inch of ice.  Ice everywhere, ice coating everything and we are paralyzed. 

No one should/can drive on ice so I am staying home, enjoying my kids, and making the best of it.  Here are some of the scenes from around my house.


  1. I feel ya! The same thing happens here in Nashville...granted you'd think with all the snow/ice we've had the past 2 winters we'd get our stuff together and learn how to deal with it. Last winter we had so many snow days they had to extend school an hour every day for 2 weeks because the schools had used all their snow days!

  2. This is my second winter in Houston. I have driven in storms, blizzards, etc. when I lived in Ohio. I would NOT go out in this mess. This is so much worse than snow. I wish we would have got the snow.

    Stay warm and safe. God Bless.