Friday, June 1, 2012

New Window!

I wasn't going to bore you with the details of my new window, but I HAD to change the first title on my blog (referring to a wedding).  UGH...  I just learned my daughter is dating her ex-boyfriend who I don't like as he treated her so badly when they broke up....sheesh!    ANYWAY.... enough venting, I'll share some happy thoughts with you. 

I GOT A WINDOW IN MY STUDIO!  Now, you may not think it is such a big deal but, to me it is.  I am one of those who needs sunlight.  If I don't get it on a regular basis I get grouchy, tired, unfit for human contact, etc.  I have an amazing studio my dh made for me in our garage a few years back.  It just needed a window. 

So, this past weekend (the long weekend) he put one in for me.  Yay!  and here it is...  TA DAA!

It lets so much light into the room.  The first time I walked in I asked who left the light on?  ha ha!  I am so happy with it!  So happy thoughts for today!


  1. great view and I am sure the light will really help

  2. Glad you got your window. Have to ask - why are the walls painted white? Would have thought you'd want color to help inspire your creative process.

    Side note -- Mom, your baby girl needs to work something out with this fellow. Trust her - she's got you there to help pick up the pieces when it all falls apart again. And it will - she needs to learn whatever this lesson is he's in her life to provide.

    1. Denise, you see what I don't see. The white walls were the default by my dh who built it. I never really noticed.

      as for my daughter, yes, I understand what you are saying and maybe that is why I've kept quiet. I can't, however, not FEEL the need to protect my baby against heartache...even if she learns from it. I will continue to keep quiet and pray.

  3. Good for you, Amy! I’m sure that putting a window in your studio will definitely inspire you to be more creative. The light will also help you become more positive and patient while you make magic with your hands. :)

  4. Now you can surely enjoy the light and the sun, thanks to your new window! It actually looks great in your room. The clear window panes give you a good view of the pool outside and allows light to enter your new studio. It made the space brighter and wider. Just give it some window treatments, and I’m sure it would look lovely.