Saturday, June 23, 2012

Necklaces again.

I was actually successful in making necklaces, two days in a row!  Its because I've started working with PMC (precious metal clay) again.  When I first started making jewelry I made a necklace molded from an antique button as well as a few ring focals all out of PMC.  The pieces were small, fiddly, and really, a pain to work with.

Well, in my never ending way of trying new things I am working with PMC again.  I've found some pretty molds, made some of my own, and have some patterns I'm going to try.

I'm even shopping for a kiln, though it will have to wait until after school starts, tuition has been paid and books purchased.  For now, I'm torch firing which isn't hard, just done one at a time.

I made three of the tree of life necklaces.  I've been wearing one and they are really comfortable and one of those necklaces I could wear all day long.  Not too heavy or hot, which really bugs me this time of year. 

In between filling orders this week I'm hoping to get another one finished.


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    1. That is what I have my eye on. but with two in college and one in marching band it looks like it'll be late fall before I can (without fear) spend that kind of $$.

  2. Those are pretty! I made some PMC jewelry a number of years ago and it was a lot of fun. Luckily there was a place in town where you could use their kiln, but that place no longer exists!

    1. It is fun, but a little worrisome since it is so expensive. If I screw it up I have to re-constitute it and so far, haven't had much success in that. But it is fun to try new things.