Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spending New Years with the Time Lord

 This is how my family and I spent last night and this is how we may spend most of the day.  BBC is having a Dr. Who marathon and we are becoming fans.  We find it facinating and honestly can't tell if its a good show (though some episodes really are!) or that it is just a peek into a different culture and not the same American TV of overly graphic police dramas or gratuitously sex filled teen shows.  I'm not worried about what my kids or I will see or hear...just good sci-fi drama with a little comedy thrown in (especially the episodes with Catherine Tate) Sometimes good, sometimes not so good special effects.

If you get a chance to watch some and are a sci-fi fan, watch them...but give yourself time for a few episodes.  It takes that long to catch up with the story and character lines.

Happy New Year!~


  1. I think I'll watch just for the accents!

  2. We love the accents! My kids find themselves talking that way. It makes for a few laughs when they don't realize they do it.