Thursday, September 30, 2010

From the Bench today...

It's been a pretty busy week at the bench. I've been working on a few pieces at once, plus getting custom orders done. I've added something new and I am so excited about it.

This is what I finished today...

or sort of finished...they need a final polish...I just have to get the stones in though. I can polish around them with my polishing cloth.

This one is my favorite.

and this is what I'm so excited about.

Gold accents! I got some 14k gold this week which is CRAZY expensive and am learning to work with it. I've added a little gold ball to a couple of my pieces for just a little flash and highlight.

AND.... (drumroll please...) I made my first gold ring.

I spent over $150 on some gold and gold solder (which did not get me much!) and I held my breath when working with it. It is solid 14k and it was harder to work with than I thought it would be but it turned out nicely. Simple hammered band but it's a start. I've gotten my feet wet. yay~

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  1. These are incredibly beautiful. It is so wonderful to see the progress an artist makes with their pieces. I tend to favour silver, but the addition of your little pieces of gold for highlights are a delightful touch!