Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ugly Glasses and How you pay for Procrastinating

These are my glasses.  I have had them longer than I can remember.  You can tell from the style they are old.  I still use them because I only wear them first thing in the morning when I get up and last thing at night when I go to bed.  I wear contacts the rest of the time.  I am awesome with contacts.  No issues with seeing well, I can get them in and out of my eyes  easily and rely on them 99.99999 percent of the time to help me see clearly.  This is why I have not purchased new glasses in a while.

This time last year I found out that our vision insurance is AWESOME and that it would not cost much to get some cute new glasses.  But, this would take time....going to choose new frames, scratch resistant or not,  well...maybe next month...and then next month and here we are a year later.

I finally decided I was going to do it.  I was going to get new glasses.  It was time for my annual eye exam so I planned ahead, went early to peruse their selection at my leisure.  I found the cutest pair and am so excited to get them.

BUT, here comes the part where I pay for my procrastination.  During my eye exam I told my eye dr. about how my eye had been stinging the last couple of days and how I had gotten a piece of sawdust in my eye about one week before.  Well, it turns out I have small scratch on my cornea that is slightly infected.  SO...while I wait for my awesomely cute new glasses to be ready in the next 7-10  business days..I have to wear these....every day...all day...until my eye heals!

OH if only I had gotten my awesomely cute new glasses any time in the past year I would be looking stylish, cool, hip..but now I am left looking like a sad throwback from the 90s...hearing "what is she thinking?"  when I pass people at the mall and shops (because this time of year I can't hide in my house as I would have done any other time).

So, if you see me, or any sad person with old glasses on, wish them well and fast healing....and kindly don't stare.


  1. I have cute stylish glasses for home and around. My old frumpy ugly glasses are for work. People ask me all the time when will I get new. I'm just trying to make sure the cute ones don't get broken. Then I would have to wear the frumpies all the time.

    See - I completely understand!

  2. umm I think my glasses look just like yours
    I haven't updated mine!

    I was thinking maybe the next round I would check out some new frames.

    I want to see what yours look like when they come in!